Why become a member?

There are many reasons to join our team at La Casita Verde, not least of which is to build something new, exciting and important at the grassroots level. If that is not enough, exclusive memberships privileges include:


  • receive a portion of the LCV harvest;


  • receive a portion of our cured compost; 


  • propose private events;


  • and enjoy the garden whenever you want!

How to become a member?

Membership will be granted after working 20 hours in the space to be signed off by one of the members of the steering committee. Membership dues are $25 per year per member.

New members must read and become familiar with the Mission, Bylaws and Rules when the first annual dues are paid & payment is an agreement to the terms in these documents.

Schedule a New Member Orientation.

Each member is responsible for 15 hours of work per month, including one workday per month during the season (April-October).

Ready? Send us a message if you are ready to begin the membership process!